Mosses & Lichens

by Haárps



Composed & recorded in 2011-2012. This was a first attempt to unite stadium-pop tunes with noisy drones and 808 trills under the brand new artist title. Keeping all the main terms of "Locked Forever" and "Benighted United" with minimum guests and vocal samples derivated, a new step has been taken whenever you like it or not.


released March 12, 2013

Bobbi Dahl peforms vocals & lyrics on "Underground". Cover by Oleg Zhuravlev.




Haárps город Москва, Russian Federation

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Track Name: Big Black
You shed me with the dimmest glow
Your trail is still undiscovered
Laid in snow
All the heaven carries not
All the hope you bring

You're haunting me
Like a big black cloud of the misery
Tainted thoughts are coming over me
In this strangest kind of supremacy

The darkest pit you have unveiled
No rest to see
Your eyes like a distant sound
Through the night from beyond

You're haunting me
Track Name: Bones
Never let me down in the halls of snow
In that temple of guilt
I keep on losing sleep
And I couldn't say "I'm here for you"
Couldn't say, I know
Just take me out of the cage
Can't you see black winds return
Never let me down in the halls of snow

All my fears come into view
Oh god, if you knew
I keep on losing sleep
Seeing bones through your skin

See the black winds return
See them back
Track Name: Underground (feat. Bobbi Dahl)
crawling in the ocean never felt so good
i never imagine thata i i could
emazing love under the liiight i tryyy to denyy
premade Amazing lose my miiind i'm behiind the tiiime mind
we underground
we underground no light
we underground
be now be weightfree now
be underground
i lost the way we were
we underground
we undergrooooun ooound
i never knew maybe my miiind my miiind my miiind my miiind
remake these fields make me feel aliive aliiive aliive
remake me underground
remake the way we feel or diiie i'm aliive
i'm aliiive remake me underground
you make mee feel like i'm aliive
i'm aliive
i'm underground
Track Name: Wastelands Of Mine
Drowning in the deep gloom
Solitude I break through
To bring the sun for us
Till I become the dust

Standing with my head up high
I'm gazing at the white sky
Trapped in claws of time
I'm staring at the white sky

Take me from this deep gloom
Solitude I'm drained through
Open your arms for once
As I become the dust

Staring with my head up high
Into the white sky
Trapped in claws of time
I'm staring at the white sky
Wastelands of mine

And nights will go on and on
Still keep an eye on you
Track Name: Total War Forever
From the top of the world
No one could see
That white light in the skyline
Yet the clouds crawl upon
My storming sea
Ride the long wings
By my side

Now there's no way back
And it's been so long
Now I can't be laid to rest forever
I kneel before this sacred soil
And the mud I've been dragged through

Into the dead of night
Is your price paid
Trembling servants turned blind
From the darkness for more
We're all back when
Thousands of angels fall from the sky