Underground (feat. Bobbi Dahl)

from by Haárps



crawling in the ocean never felt so good
i never imagine thata i i could
emazing love under the liiight i tryyy to denyy
premade Amazing lose my miiind i'm behiind the tiiime mind
we underground
we underground no light
we underground
be now be weightfree now
be underground
i lost the way we were
we underground
we undergrooooun ooound
i never knew maybe my miiind my miiind my miiind my miiind
remake these fields make me feel aliive aliiive aliive
remake me underground
remake the way we feel or diiie i'm aliive
i'm aliiive remake me underground
you make mee feel like i'm aliive
i'm aliive
i'm underground


from Mosses & Lichens, released March 12, 2013
Lead vocals & lyrics by Bobbi Dahl




Haárps город Москва, Russian Federation

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